Lawyer 4 Life to roll out service to brokers

Ramesh Sharma

June 1, 2004

It offers intermediaries an additional service to add to their portfolio and also the chance to earn an extra fee for every introduction. It covers all aspects of legal advice including conveyancing, personal injury claims, matrimonial and employment disputes, and provides a lifetime of legal support services for a one-off fee of £1,995.

It is already being offered directly to the public but it is expanding its offering through intermediaries wishing to add the service to their offering and sees this as an important avenue in which to target a wider audience.

A spokesperson for L4L said: “Mortgage brokers deal with clients needing conveyancing services every day. How better to appreciate how much their customers could save by signing up to a service where they will pay no more solicitors’ fees for life?

“Customers can make the most of the service by adding the membership fees to their mortgage and have L4L do their conveyancing at no cost apart from disbursements, therefore generating an instant discount on the cost of membership. When you add in a high rate of commission for the introducing broker then I think this redefines the concept of win-win.”

Andy Frankish, managing director of Mortgage Talk, said: “This is a proposition that I would consider taking on if it was a personal decision. I would though want to know exactly what the service covers and importantly the financial stability of the company.

“From an advisory perspective if it meets the criteria then it could be a good additional tool in their armoury as the call for legal services is ever increasing.”

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