LBC investigation uncovers rent for sex agreements

Michael Lloyd

December 12, 2019


Some landlords have been offering to rent a property for free to young women in return for sex, an LBC investigation has found.

Adverts on website Craigslist include: “Free Accommodation For Favour.”

“I’m offering free accom [sic] for women who don’t mind returning the favour.

“Email me a pic and a reason why I should choose you.”

An actress for LBC, Gemma, went undercover to meet one landlord offering rent in return for sex.

He said he had entered these agreements before, one with a friend who couldn’t afford rent in the capital and another time with a woman on the run from an abusive ex-partner.

He said the arrangement with Gemma would be “their secret” that he would wear a condom, give her a tenancy agreement, and discuss schedules with him expecting sex a few times a week.

He told her: “I’m happily single, I don’t want a relationship but I do enjoy sex.

“And if you can help me with that then I can do my bit and look after you and make sure you don’t pay any rent and look after you and provide a good place to live.”

The Crown Prosecution Service told LBC: “Such arrangements can lead to the exploitation of highly vulnerable persons who are struggling to obtain accommodation.

“Therefore, the provision of accommodation in return for sex is capable of being caught by the following legislation (Sexual Offences) (causing prostitution for gain) and that an advertisement would also be unlawful in accordance with section 52 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (inciting prostitution for gain).”

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