L&C launches TV ad campaign

Michael Lloyd

March 5, 2018

L&C is launching its latest TV advertising campaign called ‘Glide’, created by London-based advertising agency Fold7 to help illustrate how it can help those seeking a new home or mortgage.

This follows its ‘Cake’ TV ad campaign last year.

The Glide TV advert, voiced by David Mitchell, shows us the calm exterior of the swan on a lake, before diving underwater to show us the furiously paddling legs propelling it.

This, as Mitchell tells us, is L&C’s role – driving us through the tumultuous waters of the mortgage market while on the surface, all is under control.

Jane Harrison, marketing director at L&C: “We wanted to build on the success of our TV campaign last year and further highlight why over 1 million people have sought the help of L&C, online and over the phone.

“We think that the new advert will underline the key benefit of L&C’s technology and expert advisers in taking the pain and hard work out of the mortgage process for our customers.  The metaphor of the swan, calm on the surface but paddling hard underneath, will deliver that message and help make L&C even more recognisable as a consumer mortgage brand.”

The first 30-second spot airs nationwide today, with a supporting 10-second slot to follow. The primarily TV-led campaign will be supported by ongoing social media activity.

Ryan Newey, co-founder and ECD, Fold7, said: “Getting a mortgage is one of the definitive ‘grown-up jobs’ which looks like it should be easy if only it wasn’t so terrifying – especially for first-timers.

“We set out to show that the process can be a breeze, if you have the right people on your side to help you through it. David’s narration did a great job of conveying the important message with a touch more humour than mortgage ads tend to achieve.”

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