Lead generator website for mortgage advisers launches

Michael Lloyd

August 6, 2019


A website helping mortgage providers and advisers generate leads called Winston.co.uk has launched.

The site is from Candid, a specialist marketing partner for financial services professionals, formerly E-finity Leads

Candid has generated more than 50,000 mortgage enquiries over the last 12 months.

Matt Edwards, managing director of Candid, said: “We have seen huge growth in visitors to our Winston website mortgage site, up by 100% over the last twelve months.

“This uplift in site visits is a clear indication that consumers are actively searching online for mortgages, remortgage products and advice. We know that many homeowners want support in finding the best deal for them, so we developed the Winston proposition for this exact reason.

“We work with leading mortgage providers and advisers to give consumers a personalised mortgage service.

“Our advisers search the whole market to give consumers the best deals and can provide a personalised service, specifically catering to the requirements of individual cases. We have mortgage experts on-hand to talk through their particular needs

“We believe that mortgage advisers are the best option for consumers. So, we’re dedicated to making mortgage products more engaging, attracting a greater number of customers.”

To date, Candid has helped more than 250,000 homeowners secure new mortgage or remortgage deals across the UK.

According to Candid, there has been a huge increase in consumers searching online for mortgage advice and support – beyond the comparison sites, such as Moneysupermarket.

Edwards added: “Our innovative marketing captures people’s attention, consistently delivering quality, real-time enquires to our mortgage clients.

“We have created two hugely successful sites for the life insurance market, Tom.co.uk and Polly.co.uk, which have generated more than 300,000 life insurance enquiries over the last 12 months. To date, Tom and Polly have helped to insure more than 150,000 families across the UK.

“We are investing heavily in our Winston website and it is on course to double, both in size and in the volume of mortgage enquiries, over the next six months.”

Candid uses market-leading technology for enquiry management, distribution, and fraud prevention and has developed innovative, highly creative and ingenious digital marketing to deliver high-quality mortgage enquiries.

Candid works with the UK’s leading mortgage providers and brokers and is the undisputed No.1 supplier of best-in-market enquiries for the mortgage market. The Candid management team has been providing enquiries to life insurance and mortgage companies since 2007.

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