Leadbay launches telephone qualified remortgage leads

Nia Williams

February 8, 2010

Telephone qualified leads take advisers a step further towards potential clients. Leadbay phones every lead in-house, to confirm that the person is definitely looking to speak to an adviser and to remortgage within the next three months before passing the consumer’s details on to the adviser.

Leadbay confirms the size of the borrower’s deposit and where the deposit is coming from; they also gather as many additional details as the borrower will reveal, including the best time to call, so that when an adviser phones a telephone qualified lead for the first time, they know exactly how to position what they are going to say for maximum effectiveness right from the start.

Each telephone qualified remortgage lead will have a minimum mortgage size of £75,000 and a maximum of 80% loan to value.

Leadbay first launched telephone qualified leads at the end of last year, initially with life assurance leads, but they have been so successful and there is such high demand for leads with this extra amount of verification this is now being rolled out to wider variety of leads.

Jonathan Barrett, Leadbay head of sales, said: “The extra checks put in place with telephone qualified leads seem to make a really positive difference to the amount of leads that an adviser can convert. Remortgage leads are the leads that mortgage advisers want the most at the moment, so we are introducing a telephone qualified version to give advisers exactly what they want.”

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