Leadbay teams up with Goldsmith Williams

Nia Williams

November 8, 2010

Legal firm Goldsmith Williams will provide advisers with a £20 Leadbay voucher for every remortgage or conveyancing case that completes through them on or after the 4th January 2011.

The offer is launching at the Mortgage Business Expo so that mortgage advisers have time to acquire leads and start the mortgage process before January and can start acquiring free leads as soon as the New Year starts.

The Goldsmith Williams/Leadbay offer is unlimited so there is no limit to the amount of vouchers that a mortgage adviser can receive and there is no end date to the offer.

Each month Goldsmith Williams will calculate the amount to be awarded to each adviser, based on the amount of remortgage and conveyancing cases submitted, and will issue the adviser a Leadbay voucher for the amount awarded at the beginning of the next month.

The vouchers can be spent within a Leadbay bidding account and can be used for acquiring new clients with every type of product need provided by Leadbay including all types of mortgage, life assurance, loans, ASU and income protection, wills, debt management and private medical insurance.

Grant Stevens, managing director of Leadbay, said, “This is an excellent offer that will benefit every adviser who places a remortgage or conveyancing case through Goldsmith Williams. Because Goldsmith Williams has not restricted the amount of money an adviser can earn, the benefits are unlimited, and, of course, if the vouchers are used to acquire new mortgage clients that are also put through GW it will be possible for advisers to have a constant stream of new mortgage clients as they will also receive new vouchers on the repeat business. In addition advisers will benefit from GW’s rapid turnaround and excellent service making this a positive solution in all respects.”

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