LeadPoint inundated with broker enquiries

Nia Williams

January 6, 2011

Since Christmas, LeadPoint has signed up over 100 new advisers and has received a record number of new lead buyer enquiries. Many of these enquiries have come from former Leadbay brokers that have been left out of pocket since the firm’s collapse in December.

LeadPoint is offering a all Leadbay brokers that have been left out of pocket the equivalent lead buying credit at LeadPoint up to the value of £1,000. Any broker who is not part of the LeadPoint network will get a 10% credit against monthly spend for up to £1,000 of the amount owed by Leadbay for a period of 1 year.

LeadPoint currently trades over 5,000 real-time data leads per day in over 20 lead verticals including mortgages, loans, insurance, debt management & IVA, legal services and cosmetic surgery.

Justin Rees, LeadPoint UK director of marketing and partnerships said: “We are very pleased to have started the year so positively and are looking forward to a strong 2011.

“We have received a lot of calls since Christmas from Leadbay brokers that have lost money from the firm’s collapse and we are doing our best to accommodate all their needs.

“With the cashback offer hopefully we can help any Leadbay buyers to continue buying leads in 2011 without too much disruption and claw back some of the money they have lost.”

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