Leeds Building Society celebrates a decade on the Rock

Robyn Hall

November 13, 2012

The building society, which is the fifth largest in the UK, said membership and savings balances are at their highest ever levels and assets have doubled in size to around £10bn.

To mark this milestone the society’s chief executive, Peter Hill, is visiting Gibraltar to celebrate the success of the branch which initially offered a range of mortgages to Gibraltarians and British expatriates.

Hill said: “I am delighted to visit Gibraltar to recognise such an important milestone. During the last 10 years we have continued to improve our products and services and now offer both sterling and euro savings accounts as well as mortgages.

“Leeds has maintained exceptional financial results and strong credit ratings despite the unsettled economic climate. I am proud that Leeds has remained independent and continued with a tradition of providing excellent value through quality customer service, efficiency and competitive products.”

Hill said the society has maintained its involvement in the Gibraltar housing market even though many lenders had withdrawn their lending facilities. And he said the society was instrumental in helping to provide mortgages for homes purchased under the government’s Right-to-Buy scheme or on a shared ownership basis.

He added: “During our time here we have felt very welcome and appreciated by the local community and the business centre for which we are extremely grateful. My colleagues in the Gibraltar office have also formed firm relationships with very many of our customers who became members of the society and I am so pleased that I will also meet our longest running mortgage members during my visit.”

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