Leeds cuts 3-year buy-to-let deal by 0.25pc

Robyn Hall

August 30, 2012

This offer has no higher lending charge and allows 10% capital repayments each year without penalty.

Phil Coombes, Leeds head of intermediary sales, said, “We believe that now is a good time to lock into a low fixed rate, and have reduced the rate by 0.25% on the 3-year buy-to-let deal to a new rate of 4.14% available up to 65% LTV.

“This flat fee product will attract professional landlords who may wish to fix their monthly commitments.”


3-year fixed rate buy-to-let up to and including 30 November 2015

• 4.14% available up to 65% LTV

• No Higher Lending Charge

• £199 Booking Fee

• £800 Completion Fee

• Tapered early repayment charges of 4% of the amount redeemed in year 1, 3% in year 2 and 2% in year 3

• 10% capital repayments are allowed each year without penalty

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