Leeds launches 2-year discounts from 0.99%

Mortgage Introducer

October 31, 2018

Leeds Building Society has launched some 2-year discounted mortgages.

Highlights are a product at 0.99% to 65% loan-to-value with a £1,999 fee, a 1.47% product to 65% LTV and a 1.79% mortgage at 85% LTV with no fee.

Matt Bartle, Leeds Building Society’s head of product and pricing, said: “Borrowers who aren’t expecting rate increases in the near future could choose a variable rate product with lower repayments, which is why we’re introducing these shorter-term discount mortgages.

“While we’re now in a rising rate environment, the indication from the Bank of England is that base rate increases will continue to be small and gradual, in recognition that rates have been at historically low levels for the past decade.

“We’ve included some fee-free products which are likely to appeal to homeowners seeking to minimise the costs of remortgaging to a new deal while rates remain low.”

After the end of the 2-year term there is a 1% discount for a further three years.

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