Legal sharks circle cost-cutting clients

Sam Cordon

September 5, 2013

People wishing to use the services of online lawyers should verify that the provider is regulated by an appropriate body such as the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority.

Eddie Goldsmith, senior partner at property solicitors Goldsmith Williams, said: “Understandably most people aren’t aware that there are few areas of reserved activity which can only be undertaken by lawyers, such as litigation, preparing conveyancing documents or taking action in court.

“This means that opportunists, and amongst these con-men, can set themselves up to offer legal services in this alternative legal market without any safeguards.”

The alternative market has expanded recently to include on-line start-ups offering advice and documents but has also historically included many unregulated will-writers.

Legitimate legal firms will employ qualified professionals, will be regulated by the SRA and they will have professional indemnity cover to protect the interests of their clients.

Where clients have an unresolved complaint they can rely on the ombudsman to scrutinise this and offer redress where such complaints are upheld.

Goldsmith said brokers have a valuable role to play as fellow professionals both in educating clients about the value of mainstream legal services and in leveraging their networks to recommend legal services providers of the highest calibre.

He said: “When selecting and recommending conveyancers brokers should consider the quality accreditations the firm has earned, look for a firm who hold the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme and take a note of any other accreditations for quality such as the ISO 9001 accreditation that the shortlisted firms hold.”

Stability and a good reputation are attributes brokers should pay heed to when selecting a solicitor, Goldsmith said.

He added: “In an age when many are looking to economise there remain some areas where it is still beneficial to pay for quality.

“My message to brokers and their clients is simply this beware of circling sharks in the pool of alternative legal services.

“And whilst not all practitioners are unscrupulous the lack of regulation means it’s difficult to identify the con-men.”

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