Lemon Squeezy offers marketing guidance with broker newsletter

Amanda Jarvis

January 5, 2006

The quarterly newsletter – ‘juice’ – is designed to help brokers pick their way through the financial promotions regulations, as well as offering marketing hints, tips and financial promotion updates from the FSA.

Stuart Wilson, founding director of Lemon Squeezy, explained: “Many of the brokers we talk to on a daily basis are still confused by the financial promotion regulations. Often, we find they have slowed down or even suspended their marketing activities altogether since M-Day because they just don’t know which way to turn. We wanted to help address this by issuing a regular newsletter full of ideas, hints and advice on how to market your business and services under the new regulations.”

“With our knowledge and expertise in the mortgage market, we are keen to share best practice and improve the quality of financial promotions throughout the industry. Juice is designed to help do just that, through highlighting good marketing practices that will help brokers keep within the regulations.”

Juice is produced in a PDF format and is available free of charge on a subscription basis to all mortgage brokers. Contact Lemon Squeezy Marketing for more details.

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