LendInvest completes first block trade

Sam Cordon

July 17, 2013

The block of five bridging loans were purchased by a hedge fund that is looking to gain exposure to the UK mortgage market.

LendInvest, which was formally launched last month, has now completed a number of crowdfunded mortgage loan transactions.

David Serafini, managing director of LendInvest, said: “This is a very exciting development for the LendInvest platform.

“It proves that our proposition is a very attractive one for sophisticated and High Net Worth investors, family offices and hedge funds.

“Sophisticated investors appreciate the vast underwriting experience and track record that the LendInvest team bring to the market, through its association with Montello.

“ It becomes a very attractive investment for investors that are trying to gain exposure to this asset class, but don’t want to set up the infrastructure and buy-in the team to be a mortgage lender.”

The total amount now funded through the LendInvest platform is almost £5m which makes it the fastest growing crowdfunding platform in the market.

Christian Faes, co-founder of LendInvest said: “LendInvest is seeing a lot of interest from investors and their advisers and IFAs, that are looking to gain superior risk adjusted returns.

“There is a common theme that ‘the banks aren’t lending’, and this allows a way for investors to gain exposure to an investment that is providing a very decent return, plays off this theme and is secured against property.”

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