LendInvest cuts rates and product fees across its buy-to-let range

Michael Lloyd

October 11, 2018

LendInvest has reduced rates and product fees across its buy-to-let product range.

The pay rate for LendInvest’s 5-year fixed rate product has dropped to 3.60%, with the ICR calculation at a pay rate of 3.60%.

Product fees for all buy-to-let mortgages on standard property and HMO cases has been reduced to 1%, with borrowers who prioritise leverage in mind.

Ian Boden, sales director at LendInvest, said: “One year on from the launch of our buy-to-let product we are proud of the offering that we have worked on continuously throughout the year.

“As the business continues to enjoy the support of more lending capital, we are confident that the rates we’re now able to offer across our products mean we hold a very competitive position in the market.

“This level of flexibility on rates is complemented by the streamlined application, and loan management process we have implemented internally, ensuring we are well equipped to accommodate a high volume of buy-to-let applications.”

For a limited time, valuation fees have been reduced to £100 for all standard property cases. LendInvest will now also cover the borrower’s legal fee scale costs for standard property, standard conveyance cases, where dual representation is selected.

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