LendInvest off to a flying start

Robyn Hall

June 19, 2013

LendInvest also said it has received a great deal of interest from investors in the sophisticated and High Net Worth category of investors.

David Serafini, managing director of LendInvest, said: “Since going into our soft-launch phase we have been very surprised by the interest that we have received from institutional and professional investors.

“We are already talking with two large funds that are now doing due diligence, and looking at buying loans through our platform on a wholesale basis. These investors are substantial name-brand investors, and are talking big numbers.

“It is clear that investing in loans that are secured against property, with our underwriting expertise and deal-flow, is an attractive opportunity for investors.

“There are a lot of investors and funds out there that are looking for superior risk adjusted returns, and the LendInvest platform provides a perfect conduit for these investors.”

As well as institutional-type investors LendInvest is open to investors and Serafini said there has already been a lot of interested from this category of investor.

The platform which was launched last week by Montello Bridging Finance founders Christiaan Faes and Ian Thomas allows investors to invest into new loans and will create an online market for completed loans.

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