LendInvest smashes £200m mark

Robyn Hall

January 28, 2015

LendInvest launched just 19 months ago and is now the fourth largest peer-to-peer platform in the UK.

Christian Faes, LendIvest’s CEO, said: “Whilst we’re actually quite concerned about the peer-to-peer market and platforms that are simply chasing volume, we do think that our story is quite different.

“We have been actively lending in the UK specialist mortgage market since 2008 and have a solid track record, and so we are experienced lenders.

“We are finding that LendInvest has become very popular with investors, as it provides superior risk adjusted returns that are secured against property.

“There is a general misunderstanding that the UK mortgage market is awash with cash. This is definitely not the case.

“Mortgage lending in the UK has recovered some way, but it still remains very difficult for some borrowers to get a mortgage – and when it comes to trying to get any form of customer service from a bank lender, it really just doesn’t exist.”

LendInvest launched in May 2013 as a peer-to-peer marketplace lending platform focussed on the mortgage market, having been incubated out of Montello Bridging Finance.

The platform allows investors to invest online in loans that are secured against property. Investors earn returns on average of 6.65% per annum, after all fees and losses.LendInvest smashes £200m mark

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