LendInvest takes 10% of bridging market

Ryan Bembridge

December 18, 2015

LendInvest took a 10% share of the £3bn bridging market in 2015 after lending £250m.

Since its launch in May 2013 LendInvest’s total lending to property entrepreneurs stands at £470m.

The company has funded nearly 2,000 new or rebuilt homes of which over 1,200 were built this year.

LendInvest launched its development finance offering at the start of the month with the appointment of ex-RBS director Steve Larkin.

Christian Faes, co-founder and chief executive of LendInvest, said: “2015 has been a truly transformative year for LendInvest. In the 12 twelve months our team, which has grown phenomenally quickly, has made its mark across every target market of brokers, borrowers and investors.

“All our target customers are really starting to look at non-bank lending through realistic, serious eyes. Our solid lending and investment figures show a growing awareness and willingness by borrowers and brokers to detach from the banks and work with funding partners who make sense for them. Earlier this year too, our strong financial results demonstrated that peer-to-peer lending can be a profitable business model.

“With this year’s progress under our belts, I can’t wait to get back to business in the new year with our expanded team in our brand new offices. 2016 shows every sign of being an excellent year.”

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