Let’s get digital, let’s hear the tablets talk

Paul Hunt

June 12, 2018


Paul Hunt is a marketing consultant

In previous posts, I have stressed the need to consider how certain consumers will access information and by tailoring your use of media it will ensure you don’t exclude them.

Recent research published is showing that the digital world has finally removed the previous ‘nerdy’ deterrents and now WANT us all to benefit from the universal world of  The Internet… queue ray of light from cloud filled sky and choir singing…

The research, conducted by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the States, showed that tablets and mobile devices rather than desktop computers were being used by more people than ever before.

Low-income families, seniors, and other minority groups that have been less likely to go online has driven the increased adoption of the internet. Other research says that through more affordable devices, around four in every 10 seniors (65 and older) now own a smartphone, as reported by Pew Research Centre in 2017. This was up 18% from 2013.

I would imagine similar results within the UK , so right now and for the foreseeable future your digital profile is key to your business.

More than ever before and even if this isn’t for lead generation, your business needs to show willingness to embrace new ideas which will benefit existing clients and invite new customers. Questions like ‘is your website mobile optimised?’ and ‘have you got an entry on Google maps?’ should be posed, but don’t panic, it’s okay to be unsure how to proceed.

This is the time to make use for the IT people floating around your office/at the end of helpdesk phone. Tell them to ONLY speak with you/staff/colleagues patiently and in plain English, so that you get what you need and you understand what you are getting.

In the last month, I have spoken to a few brokers who have realised exactly this and have realised that they need help to ensure they are best placed to operate in this increasingly digitised world.

Digital doesn’t necessarily mean robo and this research show it’s now a workplace necessity to have a professional tech presence, so let’s get digital..

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