Lewis: Drive rogue landlords out

Sarah Davidson

September 10, 2015

Speaking at the RESI housing conference in Wales yesterday housing minister Brandon Lewis said the “vast potential for investment in the sector will only be realised if rented homes have a reputation for good management”.

He said: “We will crack down on rogue landlords and drive them out of business. But we will never jeopardise the new appetite for investment in this sector with red tape and unnecessary regulation.

“That would simply undo the good work of the last five years – a journey that has taken this country from the brink of bankruptcy to the fastest growing advanced economy in the world.”

Lewis said the government will continue facilitating investment in private rented sector while using its powers to tackle the small minority of landlords that continue to offer a poor service and give the whole industry a bad name.

He added: “Standards in the sector have been steadily improving and customer satisfaction is high but there is still room for improvement.”

His comments follow the recently published discussion document setting out proposals including a blacklist of rogue landlords and letting agents, banning orders for the worst offenders, extending Rent Repayment Orders to cover poor property conditions and illegal eviction, and the introduction of civil penalties.

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