L&G launch new specialist reporting service

Sarah Davidson

October 28, 2010

Specialist Xpress is a company dedicated to providing a complete range of specialist reports and property services anywhere in the UK. These are needed if one is recommended as part of the lender’s mortgage valuation, homebuyers report or building survey.

Specialist reports can often result in delays and must be carried out by an independent company. Advisers now have the option of using Specialist Xpress confident that their clients are getting a professional and speedy service, which will help to ensure the swift completion of the mortgage.

All specialists are highly qualified in their own field and offer a bespoke service geared to the needs of each client. These include reports such as timber and damp report, structural engineers report, wall tie report, CCTV drain reports and arboriculturalist (tree) reports.

Stephen Smith, director of housing and external affairs for Legal & General network, said: “I am delighted that we have agreed this new service with Specialist Xpress.

“The service they provide can help our members and their clients save valuable time in getting the report they need quickly and efficiently at what is often a stressful time in the process of completing a house purchase. It is another great enhancement for our network.”

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