L&G launches business protection DVD

Nia Williams

May 8, 2009

The DVD, entitled ‘Let’s Talk Business Protection’, uses real case studies to explain why business protection insurance is so important. It also features research showing the potential impact of not being covered to highlight risks to business owners.

Legal & General believes that businesses would benefit from fully protecting their corporate debt and their key individuals to ensure business continuity in the event of the death or critical illness of a business owner, partner or shareholder.

Clare Harrop, Legal & General’s head of specialist protection, said: “Many businesses have corporate debt of some sort and many also rely on a relatively small number of key individuals to function normally. If one of these individuals were not around due to a death or critical illness, the business may fold pretty quickly. There’s a clear market for business protection and, as the largest protection provider in the industry, I see it as our responsibility to provide advisers with the knowledge and tools to enable them to write this business.”

The DVD is available to order from Legal & General or can be downloaded, in full or in part, from the adviser microsite:


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