L&G Mortgage Club adds Responsible Equity Release to SmartrRefer

Michael Lloyd

October 9, 2019

Legal & General Mortgage Club has added Responsible Equity Release to its approved specialist distribution panel known as SmartrRefer.

This panel allows L&G Mortgage Club members to refer equity release cases to a select group of experts which now includes Responsible Equity Release.

Steve Wilkie, managing director of Responsible Equity Release, said: “At Responsible Equity Release we are committed to getting the right outcome for our customers and are proud of our customer service record.

“If our products aren’t right for our customers, we’ll tell them.

“In an economic climate where the most significant wealth one is likely to have is tied up in the bricks-and-mortar of their home, we are finding that it is increasingly playing a part in over-55s retirement plans.

“However, many advisers are not qualified to advise on equity release. Even if they are qualified, they might not feel comfortable with the rate of change of the products if it’s not an everyday offering.

“Where an adviser may feel that equity release could be beneficial to their client, but can’t or don’t want to advise them on it, they can refer the client to us.

“We will be with that client every step of the way, ensuring that not only are they receiving the best advice possible, but the advisers are enjoying the peace of mind that their clients are safe and protected.

“We take all the advice risk and reward the adviser for their referral.

“I believe this is why L&G have chosen us for their SmartrRefer panel.”

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