L&G protection sales up 30pc

Sarah Davidson

November 1, 2012

Its total operational cash was reported at £702m with operational cash from divisions up £25m to £686m.

Nigel Wilson, group chief executive of Legal & General, said: “Legal & General delivered record sales in Q3 and YTD, as we continue to see attractive opportunities for growth in each of our markets.

“Our UK and US Protection franchises increased sales by 30% over the same quarter last year.

“Legal & General has delivered sustainable growth in cash and dividends. We are starting to accelerate the evolution of our business; our aim now is to translate strong operating performance into strong earnings growth.

“Global economies are undergoing profound structural changes. We have the solutions to meet gaps emerging from public and private deleveraging and the ambition to strengthen further our reach in protection, retirement solutions, fund management and infrastructure finance. Our businesses can grow, delivering more value for society, customers and shareholders.”

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