Life Jim, but not as we know it

Jim Whitcher

April 14, 2020

Jim Whitcher is senior originator at Charter HCP

In uncertain times there is nothing more certain than the certainty of the unknown.

I am uncertain if a) I just made that quote up, b) it surfaced from some philosophers (probably American) utterances whilst I was in a previous California existential life or c) straight out of the quagmire which these days resembles the last vestiges of what is commonly known as my brain…

Wherever it may have sprung from can only be described as Bleeping Silly or ‘BS’ for short, which I am certain you can all agree upon.

So, what brought about such BS, I hear you ask?


Yes, that’s right, the world and all and sundry have gone stark raving mad!

Logic and all who purport to generally abide to the Vulcan way of thinking and living are all caught up in the void which is ‘the virus’.

That’s not to say that we really do have to take care – wash our hands until they dry up and go all crinkly (don’t ask mine are red raw). Stay away from our elderly love ones (no ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ this year), watch our space and keep our distance in public, self-isolate and such.

It’s the Armageddon, end of civilisation as we know it element that will cause us more damage than the virus at this rate. The fundamentals of the industry whilst being realigned and adjusted for sure, still seem pretty solid.

Yes, that will mean at least a three to six-month unsettled period and probably longer until we are back to where things stood at the beginning of an exciting and expectant 2020.

However, construction/developments still need to happen/complete, people still need homes, life does continue.

Who knows maybe the new-found social awareness of team: ‘everyman conservatives’ will throw tens of billions at our housing shortage – matching pound for pound finance provided by our industry? Guaranteeing thousands of apprenticeships for our youth to provide the skills that we lack.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I for one have had it with all of the doom and gloom – although I am not taking for one moment said life and death issues lightly.

It’s just that, this is also a time of opportunity for when things do return (and they will) to some semblance of normality.

So yes Jim, this is life but not as we know it, full of the uncertainties and the unknow which can only lead to BS.

Although, I take comfort from the words of our great and infected PM leader: “we’re all in this together”.

So, take care, remain calm and with positivity be ready to come out of the other side, as the sky is most certainly not falling.

Oh, and try and stay away from indulging in too much BS.

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