LifeQuote reports sales resurgence

Sam Cordon

July 3, 2013

The recent growth in sales has been in part a result of the gradual recovery of the mortgage market, with lending hitting a five-year high in May.

The growth in its sales has also been a result of more Intermediaries generating more sales per adviser with LifeQuote.

It services enable Advisers to generate a wide range of illustration including multi-benefit plans, comparing all providers before handing off the application and administration to LifeQuote’s dedicated teams.

Rob Quayle, managing director at Directlife, said: “The protection market is closely tied to the mortgage market and the life events that it parallels, such as new employment market, marriage and children.

“The recent upturn in mortgage lending and its underlying cause is therefore being mirrored in the protection market. However, critically, the five years of subdued lending mean that many people have had protection needs that have not been insured as they have not consulted an adviser, and this is plainly an issue that needs addressing.”

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