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January 29, 2008

Tiuta has substantial experience in working with developers, one-off buyers and serial purchasers, with a proven flexibility when it comes to tailor-making a contract to fit a client’s individual requirements.

Tiuta have dedicated teams for residential and commercial Bridging. A Tiuta loan can be as little as one day up to one year – depending on the client’s requirements – and a Decision in Principle can be offered within 1 hour (funds available in 24 hours).

GHL Group sales & marketing director, John Smith, said: “Tiuta understands the property market and the financing of it – and the company knows how important it is for the process to be quick, easy and stress-free.

“The advantage of a Bridging Loan is that a client does not have to miss out on their chosen property or land, just because they have not been able to get a long-term mortgage arranged in time to proceed with the purchase or remortgage.

“We believe this is an invaluable addition to our proposition and are delighted to be offering Tiuta services to our distribution.”

Tiuta director, Gary Booth, added: “Being Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority means that we are required to be competent, financially sound and to treat our clients fairly and to ensure high standards are met.

“GHL Group mirror the quality of service that Tiuta prides itself with – and I believe we have entered into a partnership that will benefit GHL’s broker offering when being able to provide a full repertoire of services to their clients.”

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