Linx FS joins PTFS

Sarah Davidson

August 10, 2010

There will be two different propositions under the new structure including an appointed representative model and one for advisers who want to sit under the Linx FS umbrella as registered individuals.

The new regional network will still be known as Linx FS and the firm said it will offer its members a more competitive pricing structure at a time when other networks are increasing their costs.

Bob Hope, director at Linx FS, said: “We are exceedingly pleased with PTFS as our choice of network partner as they mirror our core values of integrity and ‘can do’ attitude. This alliance allows Linx to grow to our planned 100 advisers and offer a very secure framework for our members.

“The feedback we have received during this transition has been positive and we’re very grateful for the fantastic support of our members.”

Dev Malle, sales and marketing director at PTFS, added: “At PTFS we aim to attract quality organisations with robust growth strategies. It is, therefore, particularly pleasing when an organisation such as Linx FS selects us as its preferred network partner following a significant due diligence process.

“It’s encouraging and indeed refreshing to see an organisation with a clear strategy and infrastructure to support its adviser base and we look forward to working with Linx to allow the team to realise their strategic plans.”

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