LiveMore introduces ‘ongoing care’ fee to identify future vulnerability

Jake Carter

July 6, 2021

over-50s homeowners

LiveMore Capital has launched an ‘ongoing care’ payment to help identify and support customers who may become vulnerable in the future.

Intermediaries will make an annual customer care call to identify any new or emerging vulnerabilities, and in return they will be paid a fee of 0.13% each year for up to 15 years, in addition to their initial remuneration of 0.55%.

Patrick Bunton, managing director at LiveMore, said: “The market has been calling for this type of initiative for as long as I can remember and we believe that now is the right time to make it a reality.

“Intermediaries know their customers best and are perfectly placed to proactively help us via a quick and simple process.

“This initiative gives them the opportunity to better serve their customers and at the same time build embedded value in their businesses.”

Richard Merrett, head of strategic development at Simply Biz Mortgages, added: “It’s perfect timing for LiveMore to introduce this programme as customers views of their own long-term financial plan will change over time, with many sadly becoming vulnerable in the future.

“SimplyBiz has always stressed the importance of keeping in contact and regularly reviewing customers needs.

“Only by understanding evolving needs can you ensure that you are delivering the best possible customer outcomes.”

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