Liverpool most desirable ‘holiday hotspot’ to invest in

Ryan Bembridge

June 26, 2017

Liverpool is the best holiday hotspot to invest in according to comparison site finder UK.

In Liverpool the average sale price is £122,283 and the average rent stands at £675, achieving a yield of 6.62%.

The second best location is Glasgow, with a typical sale price of £116,022 and rent of £610, yielding 6.31%.

The third and fourth best were the Isle of Wight and Jersey.

Jon Ostler, chief executive of finder UK, , said: “When investing in property, it can be easy to assume that the most popular locations – in this case, London and Edinburgh – will offer the highest returns.

“However, our analysis reveals that by taking some time to compare locations and shop around, investing in slightly less-obvious locations may actually work out better for you financially in the long run.

“With the ranking based on destinations voted most popular by travellers, it’s likely that you’ll secure tenants in these hotspots in little time, regardless of which location you choose.

“If you are looking to invest, make sure you take some time to inspect and investigate. Determining overall value is beneficial, however, if the property requires renovation for example, the money you could save will go towards those fixes that tenants will expect to be completed.

“Photos can often be misleading, so it’s important that you see the property in the flesh first.”

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