Living near a swimming pool could cost you 26% more

Michael Lloyd

May 22, 2018

Homeowners are paying up to 26% more on average for a pool adjacent property with the highest premium reaching 76% more compared to the wider area, Emoov has found.

It looked at property values around 10 of the nation’s open-air swimming pools and then compared that to the wider area to see what influence a local watering hole has on property price potential.

Russell Quirk, Emoov’s founder and chief executive, said: “With several hot days under our belt already this summer, there is no doubt that life would be more enjoyable floating around in a local pool, although the unpredictability of the British Summer means it is unlikely to become a standout amenity among UK buyers.

“That said, it goes to show how wider external factors can influence property prices, and while we may not use things like a public pool, park or gym as much as we think we will, they can certainly help differentiate a property in the current, slower market conditions.”

Topping the list for the priciest property is Blackpill Lido in Swansea, where property prices surrounding the pool are 76% more expensive than the average price in the city.

Swansea’s poolside property has a £289,470 price tag, while the city as a whole only has an average property price of £164,387.

Lido Bristol is 65% higher at £515,069 than Bristol’s average property price of £311,384. It’s followed by the small village of Shap in Penrith where swimming pool property prices are 53% higher than Shap’s average property price of 158,206.

Looking to the capital, Parliament Hill Fields Lido in NW5 averages £892,875 in price with a 40% premium from the city’s average property price of £636,363.

Hathersage swimming pool in the Peak District has property averaging £366,666, 37% higher than Hathersage as a whole (£267,491).

Only slightly lower is Sandford Parks Lido near Cheltenham, where property costs on average £460,379, up 36% from Cheltenham’s average of £339,261.

Brockwell Lido in Herne Hill comes with a 19% premium, followed by Chagford Swimming Pool in the South West (14%). Back in the capital property surrounding London Fields Lido is 10% higher and Pells Pool outside of Brighton is 5% higher.

On the other side of the coin, buyers looking to get a poolside property at a bargain should look to Pontypridd in Wales, where property surrounding the public pool costs 20% less than the area’s average.

Property values surrounding Lido Ponty go for £116,830, while Pontypridd’s average property price is £140,141.

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