LMS partner with Leek United Building Society

Jessica Nangle

August 15, 2019

LMS has begun a partnership with Leek United Building Society.

Leek United will become the 25th mortgage lender to utilise LMS’ unique ‘Panel Link’ service.

LMS will provide a panel that meets Leek United’s requirements, along with providing operational efficiencies in the house buying process.

Nick Chadbourne, chief executive of LMS, said: “Partnering with Leek United Building Society is yet another vote of confidence in LMS Panel Link.

“LMS continues to place itself at the centre of UK conveyancing and continues to provide security, innovation and digitisation to all stakeholders.

“We are pleased to be further strengthening our position in the market and look forward to a long term relationship with our latest lender partner.”

John Kelly, Operations Director at Leek United Building Society, added: “I’m delighted that Leek United are using the LMS Panel Link service.

“It’s a market-leading solution that delivers enhanced satisfaction to our customers and extra peace of mind for our borrowers as they purchase a home.

“The system will also provide additional processing efficiencies as it is seamlessly integrated into our current processes. ”

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