LMS gets new look for expansion

Amanda Jarvis

November 3, 2004

The company, which currently completes more than 300,000 conveyancing transactions and enables loans of some £26 billion each year, is introducing a new dynamic logo, graphics and colour schemes for all its communications.

The new identity features a strong links motif which will be used on LMS’s internal and external stationery, web sites, intranets, brochures, leaflets, forms, documentation and newsletters in both printed and electronic formats.

It will also be used in communications through the company’s unique on-line panels of hundreds of lawyers and surveyors working with a wide range of financial advisers including those of national IFA Ashley Law, mortgage clubs like Mortgage Intelligence, Friends Mortgage World, Lime and MGM Home Finance, as well as major lenders like Abbey, Nationwide, Portman and Bristol and West.

At the same time LMS has created a new website at www.lms.com which reflects the new image.

Andy Knee, Managing Director of LMS, says the time is right to invest in the firm’s corporate identity.

“LMS has grown strongly year on year since our management buyout,” he says. “Now we are on the verge of launching a number of exciting new developments which will shake up current systems, and enable us to provide financial advisers with even faster and more profitable services.
“The new identity projects the innovation, strength, technology and leadership of today’s LMS, and the new colours reflect its vibrancy and dynamism.
“The links motif takes forward the network element of our old logo, making it a more powerful and integrated statement of the importance of the links between ourselves, our clients and their customers.
“It also provides us with a flexible and unique graphic which can be used in a variety of unusual ways to reinforce the logo.”

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