LMS launches enhanced version of Select product

Jessica Bird

December 16, 2021

LMS has launched an enhanced Select product, with the aim of using technology that refines the way brokers quote and instruct.

LMS worked with brokers to develop the upgraded service, which allows them to find the right conveyancing product for their client.

The platform offers access to LMS’ law firm panel, through its personalised dashboard, which can be tailored to individual requirements to help brokers find the best conveyancer for their client.

LMS said that the ability to tailor requirements will improve capacity for brokers and conveyancers, while reducing administration and query times.

As LMS Select follows a marketplace pricing model, law firms can also set their own pricing.

Brokers can receive these quotes with pricing breakdowns from law firms, allowing them to decide on instructions.

The platform provides the opportunity for third-party integration to provide users with access to a range of additional products and services.

Travis Scholes, commercial director at LMS, said: “We are committed to streamlining the conveyancing process to bring it in line with the digital transformation occurring in other sectors, and we’re proud to be leading the way for this.

“Our rejuvenated Select service is a huge step towards this goal. Our improvements mean that brokers and their customers have increased choice, while significantly reducing the admin and query times for conveyancers.

“Lenders and brokers look to us to connect them with efficient, secure and reliable law firms.

“LMS Select facilitates this process and we are committed to continuing the expansion of our panel, while progressing more third-party integrations to streamline the service further and improve the journey for all.”

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