partners with Central Trust

Robyn Hall

August 30, 2016 has chosen Central Trust as its strategic lending partner in Northern Ireland following the launch of its dedicated branch in the province, providing broader provisions of second mortgages, bridging and commercial loans to better meet the needs of borrowers.

Ronan McCaughley, regional sales director for NI, said: “Central Trust are, as always, blazing the trail. Many Northern Irish customers are in a similar position to those in the rest of the UK.

“Common first charge lender restrictions regarding income, age and credit status, can make the traditional re-mortgage routes unfavourable for some customers. Furthermore, with interest rates at a historic low, those on tracker products may face less favourable rates in the instance of a re-mortgage.”

And he added: “Central Trust has proved to be an incredibly effective partner of ours in the UK mainland markets through its Mercantile and Central Capital brands.

“I’m delighted to reveal the extension of this partnership and I’m excited to work together in challenging the current status quo in the NI lending market.

“With Central Trust on our NI lending panel, we are significantly improving access to funding for borrowers in the region, predominantly through our thriving base of local intermediary brokers already serving their local communities.”

Shane Tibbitts, head of partnerships at Central Trust, said: “As the leading second charge mortgage lender in this specialised market, it is important to have the right strategic partners to match our desire to grow our Northern Ireland loan book. Ronan and his experienced team at, totally understand the economic trends and growth prospects in Northern Ireland.

“Importantly they have the correct legal and professional knowledge to be really successful in this unique market. This understanding makes them efficient, effective and a natural choice for mortgage advisers and applicants needing this specific support.”

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