Loan.co.uk ramps up bridging activity

Robyn Hall

October 14, 2015

CEO Paul McGerrigan put the increase down to both customers and brokers benefiting from low borrowing rates as well as more innovation from lenders over the last 12 months.

He said: “Our bridging proposition and the recent increased activity represents an important step forward for the business.

“As we continue to build out the foundations of the business it is important that bridging loan proposition grows hand in hand with the traditional second mortgage offering.

“Having access to a wide panel of bridging and second mortgage lenders is vital in the strategy and having been around the industry for so many years we are fortunate to have the networks and business partners in place to offer our customers the best financial solution for their needs.”

Richard Deacon, director of Masthaven Loans, said Loan.co.uk’s branding and service proposition had gone down very well with their mutual customers.

He said: “It is great to see an organisation, full of experienced, professional and forward thinking individuals pushing the boundaries and helping to grow the market.

“Their commitment to education and transparency can only help to bring more awareness of second mortgages and bridging loans to the financial services sector and consumers.”

And Roger Morris, director of sales at Precise Mortgages, added: “It is important that you consider all options for a customer and have the skill set with in your business to be able to investigate, evaluate and offer complex structured finance – Loan.co.uk is certainly embracing and delivering this.”

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