Loans Warehouse partners with Credit Kudos

Ryan Fowler

June 17, 2020

Loans Warehouse has chosen Credit Kudos as its Open Banking provider to enable lenders to access up-to-date information for lending decisions. 

Loans Warehouse will use Credit Kudos’ platform to make additional data available to its panel of lenders to help them assess borrowers’ eligibility using Open Banking insights.

Credit Kudos has developed an onward consent mechanism which allows Loans Warehouse to share credit risk and affordability insights with lenders to help better inform their decisions.

As part of the Loans Warehouse customer journey, individuals will be asked to connect with Credit Kudos through Open Banking.

Credit Kudos will then analyse a borrower’s financial transaction data and securely provide Loans Warehouse’s lending panel with an up-to-date report of an individual’s current financial situation.

Matt Tristram (pictured), co-founder and director, Loans Warehouse, said: “We selected Credit Kudos as they can provide a safe, secure framework that far surpasses other providers to ensure that we can pass better leads to our clients and therefore help them accept more people.

“This is game-changing for the lender-broker relationship.

“The Credit Kudos team is hugely innovative and understanding of what is needed for lenders to continue to lend in the current climate.

“It’s crucial for lenders to be able to access rich open data to safely extend their services to more people and offer much more personalised services to their customers.”

Freddy Kelly, CEO and co-founder, Credit Kudos, added: “The recent unprecedented economic disruption has dramatically altered the lending landscape, making it impossible for lenders to continue business as usual while relying on just traditional credit bureau data.

“Lenders need access to up-to-date, better information that will help them to lend confidently and responsibly. By working with brokers – such as Loans Warehouse – in this way, not only are we helping lenders continue to provide loans, we are also ensuring more borrowers can be matched with the right financial product for their needs.”

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