London conveyancing goes online

Amanda Jarvis

September 17, 2002

It aims to make the entire conveyancing process easier for solicitors to handle.

Traditionally, solicitors have dealt with local authorities to carry out local searches, which, as we all know, can be time-consuming as most council records are not stored electronically. Yet ONESEARCH Direct claims that its electronic search service will provide the required information to solicitors within three days.

It has spent six months constructing its property database for London and the south east, which contains details of all properties in the region. As ONESEARCH Direct’s managing director, Ronnie Park, said: “Our information is updated daily ensuring accuracy and costs considerably less to acquire than identical data obtained via traditional methods. We also operate under unique ‘no sale, no fee’ conditions. If the purchase is not completed there is no charge to the solicitor and their client for using ONESEARCH Direct.”

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