London prices to stagnate for five years

Mortgage Introducer

October 5, 2015

Green felt that every other area of the UK will outstrip growth in the capital, where annual price rises exceeded 25% in 2014.

Promising areas were said to be the South East of England, the East of England, the North West and the North East.

Green said: “We know that London house price growth has way, way outstripped the rest of the UK and this is why controversially we think London will be the worst region of the UK in the next five years.

“Given where we are in the cycle London house prices are far, far higher than at other previous peaks in the market so that’s our forecast – you can forget annual house price growth going forward in the next five years.”

He added: “We think there is a lot more growth potential, especially in the South East and the East but even up to places like the North West and the North East.”

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