London’s most affordable commuter town revealed

Michael Lloyd

January 2, 2020

The area around Gatwick airport has been identified as 2020’s most affordable London commuter town, online mortgage broker Trussle has found. 

The analysis looked at house prices, typical mortgage costs and rail season tickets in 350 towns within a 75-minute direct rail journey of Central London.

This comes as rail fares across the UK today rose by 2.7%.

Homes in around Gatwick airport are currently valued at an average of £172,148, almost £300,000 below the average London house price of £472,000.

Homes in this area have a total monthly mortgage and travel cost of just £830.29.

Miles Robinson, head of mortgages at Trussle, said: “While many may choose to live outside London for a better quality of life, others look to the commuter belt to get more for their money.

“The reality is that despite the slowdown in the capital’s house prices, buying the perfect home in London is out of reach for many.

“However, for those considering moving out of London, it’s crucial that they take into account the cost of getting into the city for work.

“With some annual season tickets costing more than £10,000 – it’s worth doing proper research to see both how long the commute is and how much it will cost.”

The most expensive London commuter town is the Surrey town of Oxshott.

Here an annual season ticket cost of £2,552 and an average property price of £1.92m gives a total monthly cost of £6,375.

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