London’s terraced homes see highest house price growth

Michael Lloyd

January 3, 2020

London’s terraced homeowners have seen the highest house price growth over the past decade, Proportunity has found.

Across all of England and Wales, the top performing property type was terraced houses, with an average growth of 3.05%.

The capital’s flats, terraced and semi-detached houses all outperformed their counterparts in other regions, with growth of 4.93%, 5.07%, and 4.33% respectively.

Vadim Toader, founder and chief executive of Proportunity, said: “The 2010s were marked by the after-effects of the financial crisis, and then by Brexit uncertainty.

“Despite these headwinds, we have largely seen growth across the board but the clear winner is terraced housing, or more specifically, terraced homes in London, with buyers likely attracted to their historic characteristics and charm, as well as their limited supply, compared to new builds.

“Yet, despite their popularity, they are out of reach for many first-time buyers in the capital, with Help to Buy restricted to new builds only, which are typically flats or semi-detached or detached houses.”

Despite recent stagnation, Greater London was home to the highest performing property types in all but one category over the past decade.

Owners of detached houses in the East of England saw only a marginally higher growth than that of London, 3.07% compared to 3.06% in the capital.

Semi-detached houses had growth of 2.9% on average, with flats seeing growth of 2.35%.

The slowest growing property type was detached houses, with annual growth rates of 2.33% since 2010.

Flats in the North East performed the worst of any regional property type, with an average decrease in price of 0.5%.

Flats in Yorkshire and The Humber, and the North West also lost value over the decade, with 0.12% and 0.04% decreases annually respectively.

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