LV and Openwork pledge to improve female financial futures

Jake Carter

March 6, 2020

LV and Openwork have pledged to improve female financial futures.

The two companies have signed up to the flexible working and inclusive customer financial lives pledges.

The ‘Financial Flexible Working’ pledge aims to assist firms in helping their colleagues to comprehend the long-term financial implications of flexible working.

Meanwhile, the ‘Inclusive Customer Financial Lives’ pledge commits firms to undertaking an inclusive “whole customer approach”, which intends to consider the impact of their life circumstances.

A total of 19 insurance firms are currently signed up to the two pledges.

Mark Hartigan, chief executive, LV=, said: “We are committed to action and bringing these pledges alive. We will focus on activity where the most impact can be made to benefit the long-term financial futures for everyone.”

Claire Oldstein, chief marketing officer, Openwork, added: “We are happy to offer our support to this initiative as we work towards meeting holistic needs of customers.”

Sian Fisher, chief executive, Chartered Insurance Institute, said: “I am pleased to see the number of companies signing up to the Insuring Women’s Futures pledges continuing to grow.

“It is vital that the insurance and personal finance profession works to ensure that at every customer interaction point we adopt an inclusive ‘whole customer’ approach to help them consider the impact of their life circumstances, to empower them to achieve a positive outcome.

“To improve diversity and inclusion in our profession, it is important that we work to ensure that at every point where our employees make a change to their working arrangements, they are prompted to consider the immediate and longer-term financial implications of this change.”

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