LV= to host IP seminars

Ryan Fowler

December 15, 2014

The seminars which are being held around the country (from 20 January until 25 February) will focus on a range of topics including: income protection and state benefits, how to bring down the cost of income protection, and tools to help advisers to discuss and demonstrate the value of income protection to their clients. The sessions are CPD accredited.

Myles Rix, managing director of LV= Protection, said: “Recent research amongst protection advisers found that three quarters would find income protection training useful and these sessions have been created in direct response to this feedback.

“We believe that income protection is the most relevant protection product for working adults in the UK and we are committed to working alongside advisers to ensure that those who would benefit from this cover have some in place.

“We have already created tools, such as our risk reality calculator, to help advisers overcome the barriers that many face when selling income protection.

“These seminars form part of our ‘Wake up to IP’ campaign which aims to provide advisers with the support they need to engage clients.”

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