m2i launches TCF workshops

Amanda Jarvis

March 9, 2006

The workshops, which are due to commence on 15 March, are free to members and will visit Newcastle, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and Cardiff before concluding the tour in St Albans and Croydon.

The workshops will clarify the meaning of “Treating Customers Fairly” and will look to ensure all its member businesses have implanted the correct processes and procedures to meet the FSA’s expectations.

Steve Butler , head of m2i commented: “Maintaining clear communication lines through to our members has been, and indeed will continue to be, of paramount importance to the success and growth of m2i.

“Whilst we communicate with each individual member firm on a regular basis through a variety of mediums it is hard to beat face-to-face conversations. The feedback that we received following the Training and Competence workshops las t year cemented this belief as all that attended requested further, similar events.”

David Payne, compliance director of m2i, commented: “The FSA’s principles of business set out that a firm must pay due regard to the interest of its customers and treat them fairly. Thematic work carried out in 2005 established that many small firms had not adequately assessed how the TCF principles affect their business. The FSA take a dim view of firms who have failed to embrace TCF and therefore workshops of this nature are of the utmost importance”

The workshops will also cover a variety of other relevant topics including equity release, MPPI sales, overseas mortgages and secured lending.

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