How to make the most out of trade shows

Paul Hunt

September 14, 2018

I appreciate that this may be very South East England biased this week, so apologies in advance….Soooo did anyone attend Financial Services Expo in London this week?

For those of you who did, I feel sure you found taking a day out of your work diaries was worthwhile. The quality of the seminars and exhibitors were a testament to the work put in by James Prosser and his team – if you haven’t signed up for a future FSE event near you, I highly recommend!

OK, enough of the free promotion for James #FSELondon.

Seriously though, I completely understand for a broker, taking a ‘non-fee earning day’ out is not a decision you can take lightly.

As an exhibitor, this is also rings true and to get the MOST benefit you must ensure you try to plan your day and be very clear about what you wish to achieve (brand, leads, broker registrations etc.) and allow some time out for checking in on what’s happening back at your office.

I have a feeling not every exhibitor understands this (this applies not just to FSE, but to ANY trade shows). When I see an stand without staff prepping the night before and then they rock up at 8.55am just before the door opens it gives me no confidence that they are putting much thought and effort into their presentation to brokers.

I also see many people on stands talking amongst themselves or to people they know, whilst their target audience (you) walk by, as they have shown no interest or inclination to engage with you.

As an ex marketing director, this would drive me mad, as this is why these people are on the stand! The reason brokers have attended, is because they want to engage and find out more about your proposition, if there’s anything like a warm lead or introduction, this is it!

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