Manchester Money and The Adviser Alliance launch How To Go DA Seminar

Michael Lloyd

May 22, 2018

Manchester Money will partner with The Adviser Alliance to launch a How To Go DA seminar, advising brokers about how to make the switch to being directly authorised.

This follows the seminar in London back in March that was launched by Manchester Money’s sister company London Money.

Chris Barker, founder and director of Manchester Money, said: “I’ve always been led to believe going DA is time consuming and a lot harder to do, but since I made the switch, I’m not finding that. It’s far more empowering and not as difficult and expensive as people think and I highly advocate it.

“We have been asked by many brokers to help them address some of the long-held beliefs the industry has surrounding being directly authorised, the attitude and approach of the regulator and what the day job really looks like.

“There is a lot of interest from the broking community in how best to take control of their own destiny, but very little resource is available to help them understand how to do that. In conjunction with The Adviser Alliance we are now in a position to help close that knowledge gap.”

Martin Stewart, founder of The Adviser Alliance, said: “This will be of interest to anyone who wants to know what being directly authorised looks, feels and smells like.

“We will highlight the positives and negatives so that each adviser will understand the implications and issues that come with changing their authorisation.

“We will also be covering how working more collaboratively with each other can go a long way to increasing their income while also raising the wider standards of the industry.”

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