Manor launches B&W exclusives

Amanda Jarvis

May 23, 2006

Product One: 4.80 per cent three-year discount – 95 per cent HLC free product that comes with a 0.80 per cent client cashback.
Product Two: 4.95 per cent two-year discount – 95 per cent HLC-free, free valuation and a 0.35 per cent customer cashback

Both of these products are available with no evidence of income required if loan falls below 75 per cent loan-to-value and is no more than £750,000. All offers are produced on-site, and are available with an additional £100 procuration fee where Manor Conveyancing are used.

Time is running out on the last range of Bristol & West exclusives. Brokers have until Wednesday afternoon to book cases on the following products:
1. 4.79 per cent fixed to 30 June 2008 – 95 per cent, free valuation, no HLC
2. 5.49 per cent buy-to-let fixed to 30 June 2008 – rent calculated at 115 per cent at pay rate – also comes with 0.5 per cent client cashback.

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