Mansfield business up 49pc in H1

Mortgage Introducer

August 5, 2015

In the first half of the yet the society saw £34m of completions compared to £22m last year.

Due to the increased level of lending growth in the lender’s net mortgage assets increased by 4% in the six months to June over the period.

Gev Lynott, Mansfield’s chief executive, said: “Of course, we are delighted with the figures and whilst accepting underlying growth momentum in the market, there is no doubt that our strategy of increasing our presence in the intermediary sector has been one of the major factors attributed to the big jump in our mortgage completion volumes.

“Our growing list of loyal brokers reassures us that our fair, responsible and commonsense approach to underwriting continues to meet consumer needs and market demand.

“Brokers have been quick to praise our team, not only for the way in which enquiries are handled but that each client is given individual treatment by our underwriting team for both prime and niche lending.

“Many lenders claim to be doing the same thing, but only a few, like The Mansfield, are able to deliver sensible underwriting decisions which benefit both client and broker.”

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