Marc Goldberg reveals all

Robyn Hall

May 14, 2013

In this month’s edition Marc Goldberg, commercial director of Blemain Group, talks candidly about Blemain’s survival through the credit crunch, his first days on the job and how he’s no stranger to tough decisions.

Blemain Group’s rise from its humble beginnings in a Manchester mill to its newly built Cheadle-based offices through the credit crunch, banking crisis and subsequent ecominic decline is baffling to most.

But in an exclusive interview with Mortgage Introducer reporter Samantha Cordon (also his former employee) he opens up about the difficulties the group has faced in the last five years and how its endurance was never about popularity.

Goldberg said: “As the recession hit so fast it was like playing musical chairs with 100 chairs in the room. The music stopped, we turned around and not one chair was left. It was that quick. We had to protect the back book as well as new lending, we had to change how we dealt with customers in arrears and the focus of our business plan had to change quickly.

“But it didn’t make us popular. A lot of brokers would get annoyed and shout at us for changing our decision but we’ve never been afraid of making hard decisions.”

Read the full interview in May’s Mortgage Introducer.

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