Mark Carney could stay on to smoothen Brexit transition

Ryan Bembridge

September 4, 2018

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said he is willing to stay on past 2019 if it will help the government smoothen the Brexit transition.

Carney (pictured) was due to step down in June 2019 but pledged “to promote a smooth Brexit and an effective transition at the Bank”.

An announcement on Carney’s future will be made in due course – and he is understood to have been in talks with Chancellor Philip Hammond about his future.

Carney said: “We (the Bank) have a very important supportive role to make sure whatever Brexit the government negotiates, that Parliament decides, that that is as much of a success as possible.

“I made them aware of my willingness to do what I can to support the process.

“It’s an important time and we have an important supporting role to make sure that, whatever Brexit the government negotiates and Parliament decides, that it is as much of a success as possible. Providing a measure of continuity during this period should help that.”

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