Mark Graves unveils protection distributor Auxilium

Ryan Bembridge

March 7, 2019

Auxilium Partnerships has launched, a protection distribution market for networks and mortgage clubs spearheaded by chief executive Mark Graves (pictured)

Auxilium is backed by Josewin, the parent behind HLP and Mortgage Support Network.

Graves , who has been supporting the two networks, is known from  his time at Sesame Bankhall Group, Pink Network and Linear Financial Services, where he has generally encouraged more brokers to close the protection gap.

Graves said: “The UK protection market hasn’t met its full potential. The main choke points are access to the right information and the subsequent delivery and dissemination of that information through the adviser market.

“Our mission is to enfranchise, educate and encourage every adviser in the UK to see protection as the foundation to every mortgage and finance recommendation.

“Ultimately, we want to bring change to a market crying out for innovation. Firms and advisers are desperately in need of real support to help them develop a culture where the protection advice customers receive is every bit as thorough as their mortgage recommendations.”

He added: “We want to establish Auxilium Partnership as the ‘go to’ organisation for intermediaries looking to proactively develop their protection business.

“We’ll show them an alternative way of looking after their customers, focusing solely on offering the best service for all aspects of the protection sale.”

Auxilium has already secured the protection business of three networks and a mortgage club, and is currently talking to several other large players.

This launch will be followed up by Auxilium Protection Club, which will be unveiled in the second phase of the development in Spring.

This will consolidate tools, sales information and articles, as well as offer a tailored support process.

Andy Peters, distribution director at Guardian, said: “It’s always good to see innovation in the protection distribution space.

“The real benefit will be when every mortgage client receives protection advice – which would be a big step forward to gaining consumer trust and growing the UK protection market.”

And Roger Edwards, marketing director of Protection Review, said: “Companies in different parts of the protection market supply chain have always worked well together and closer levels of collaboration all benefit the customer.

“Auxilium brings another distribution perspective to the industry and we’re excited to see how this helps grow the protection market.”

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